Why Choose PBN Hosting? Serious content marketers demand premium exclusive services, that's why we're sure that every customer domain receives unique placement within our network. Unique placement means that your PBN's won't overlap or leave footprints.

By ensuring that your network of sites are never shared by the same IP or subnet is the best way to keep your content unique and your PBN exclusive. PBN Hosting guarantees that your domains will never share IP resources.

For a limited time we’re taking on customers who are serious about the success of their PBN, who recognize quality, dependability and robustness. If you depend on the success of your internet efforts like we do, then join up with us and take advantage of our hosting offer today!

Simple, One-Click WordPress and Joomla Installs

Seamlessly install your websites with a single click from your web based account area. All major open source applications like WordPress are ready for you to setup with the click of your mouse.

Free SSL

With SNI and Cloudflare you will enjoy free and flexible SSL support on every domain you host with us.

Super Fast. Google Will Love You

All our servers use the latest PHP, Nginx or Apache technology. We also deploy all the fancy caching and other things that make your website load times as fast as possible.

Providing Reliable PBN Hosting Solutions We've been a private label web hosting provider for more than twenty years serving the needs of some of the busiest websites online.

Unique IP Address

300 MB Disk Space

4GB Monthly Bandwidth

private hosting servers

$21.95 5 Domains / Monthly Payment

1 Domain per IP

Premium Customer Support

Web Based Management

Hospital Departments Our medical specialists care about you & your family’s health.

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Our Key PBN Hosting Features Every account has unique IP's for every domain, free SSL by SNI, the latest and greatest webservers like NGINX and Apache. We love technology and it shows.

Premium Hosting Provider

With servers from leading hosting providers your account will be hosted on the same servers as some of the leading internet sites.

Limit on Wholesale Customers

We have a limited amount of openings to slot new PBN customers. Once our network is saturated we won’t oversell it, so take advantage of this offer while you can!

Hosted With Genuine Sites

Only legitimate domains allowed. You don’t want your domains associated with low quality sites. We filter out the junk.

Unique Name Servers

We use and recommend Cloudflare or Clouudsy CDN for your domain name services to ensure uptime as well as advanced GEO.

Unique IP's

Because you’re on major CDN providers like Amazon your site sits alongside major brands also using CDN delivery. It’s geographically diverse, and never any IP leaks.

Different Data Centers

With access to ever major data center in the world, along with our own deployments, you’re sure to get a location that suits you best.

PBN Hosting Pricing Packages Get some seriously great PBN hosting. Rock Google's world.

5 Domains

$ 21.95 Monthly

10 Domains

$ 29.95 Monthly

15 Domains

$ 39.95 Monthly

20 Domains

$ 49.95 Monthly
Each domain will have the following specifications:

Unique IP Address

300 MB Disk Space

4GB Monthly Bandwidth

1 Domain per IP Address

Premium Customer Support

Web Domain Management

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Frequently Asked Questions about PBN Hosting

But wait, I heard Google hates PBNs?

Google hates low quality, spammy sites. Produce quality websites, with great content and Google will love you. Do it repeatedly to produce a great network and smart interlinking and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

I also read to avoid PBN hosts. What do you think about that?

We agree with that completely. The problem with PBN and hosting generally is that you can end up being neighbors to some really bad websites and then end up being known by the company  you keep.

Why was my order rejected?

We’re pretty picky about the types of sites we’ll host, so if you have low quality sites, questionable domains or offensive content, then we won’t host you.

Why do you recommend using a CDN provider?

Because of the sheer quantity of sites that are also using their services. By using a CDN service like Cloudflare or Cloudsy you will get the benefit of not revealing any more about your network than necessary.

Should I use a CMS or just pure HTML for my site?

It depends on your level of proficiency with managing your site content. We recommend WordPress for quick deployment of websites and content management.

Can you help us with our PBN management or design?

Sure, we’d love to help. We have years of experience with website development and would be happy to assist you. Flick us an email or give us a call and we’ll see how we can help.

We Use and Recommend...

If you’re serious  about the success of your PBN then you need PBN Hosting. We guarantee our service, uptime and performance,  and if for any reason you are not satisfied just let us know and we’ll cheerfully refund your purchase price.

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